Hell in a Cell



Lots of speculation over which match will go on last tonight. One match that won't be on last though is Roman Reigns v Rusev for the US Championship inside the cell. Surely it's only good, proper, and decent to hope Rusev gets his own back on the evil Roman Reigns for ruining his wedding?

And lastly, at least for us, it's Sasha Banks v Charotte in the first ever woman's Hell in a Cell match for the Raw Women's Championship. This should be an absolute belter.

Here we go!

We're opening the show with the US Championship match! Yes!

Leanne West

Hope Roman beats rusuv

Here comes Rusev! He looks angry, and you would be too if someone had ruined your wedding then taken your championship.

Roman's out now and he holds up the US Championship to a chorus of boos. I'm pretty excited about this one actually.

Rusev has changed the writing on his belt to 'US CHAMP' and he's a hell of a lot more optimistic than I am.

Reigns runs at Rusev and knocks him off the ring apron and into the cell. He's now hammering away on Rusev on the outside, throwing him into the cell over and over.

Rusev finally gets some offence going! He slams Roman into the cell, then rolls Roman into the ring and tries a quick pin. No luck.

Reigns starting to get some momentum here and he's going for a spear... stalking Rusev, but Rusev smartly rolls out of the ring. Smart man.

Leanne West

Roman will beat rusev