Hell in a Cell



Rusev picks up the steel stairs and runs them into Roman. Once is enough though, and he runs them into a started Reigns once more.... Rusev is on top here. Come on Rusev you big lovely man.

Leanne West

Rise is a dummy

Leanne West

Rusev is a brut

Reigns comes back into it though and clotheslines Rusev to the outside. He kicks Rusev into the side of the cell... but Rusev recovers and manages to slam Roman into the cell again.

Roman, the evil heel that he is, now has a weapon. He's striking Rusev over and over with a kendo stick... as if ruining a man's wedding isn't enough. When will it end, Roman?

Oh, but the tables have turned. Rusev has tied Reigns up in the ropes and he's absolutely laying into him with the kendo stick. Karma.

Both men pretty gassed now just swinging haymakers at one another in the middle of the ring. Rusev looked to be getting the better of the exchange, but Reigns counters with a super man punch... Goes for the pin, but Rusev kicks out at 2.

Roman goes for the spear, but Rusev counters with a big kick and slams Reigns into the steel steps. Goes for a pin, but Reigns kicks out at 2. Rusev can't believe it...

Rusev has locked in the accolade submission.... Reigns has nowhere to go. Roman somehow manages to get out of it, but Rusev just hits him with another kick. Roman rolls to the outside.

Rusev has a big chain! "ARGGGG" Rusev screams intending to use the chain, but Roman Reigns hits him with a big right hand..

Rusev slams Reigns head into the steel steps in the middle of the ring and now Rusev has the accolade locked in with the chain in the middle of the ring.... What can Roman do here?!

Roman's refusing to tap and to a chorus of boos he picks Rusev up and nails a samoan drop onto the steps.

Leanne West

Yes way to go Roman