Hell in a Cell



They do their usual shtick including a fine promo in the middle of the ring. The Boston crowd eat it up for dinner.

Here come Anderson & Gallows. They could sure use a win.

Enzo & Cass with the best of the early action. Big Cass lifting Enzo and throwing him onto The Club from the ring to the outside.

The Club have been working away on Enzo who has taken a whole lot of punishment. He hits a DDT from the top rope though, and Big Cass and Gallows are in... Cass goes to work on both members of The Club

A big boot from Big Cass sends Anderson to the outside. He hits the empire elbow on Gallows... "HOW YOU DOIN?!" he screams... The crowd love it.

THE CLUB WIN! OH MY! Gallows hits enzo with a kick and tags in Anderson. They hit the magic killer and Enzo is out... 1, 2, 3.

Kevin Owens v Seth Rollins in the cell for the Universal title is next up

This means that Sasha Banks and Charlotte will definitely main event the PPV. Let's not subscribe to this whole 3 main event spiel, tonight is their moment.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring, stands in the middle and screams "COME ON ROLLINS!"...

Rollins music hits right on queue. Here we go...