Hell in a Cell



No sign of Chris Jericho so far.

Rollins goes to work on Owens on the outside, slamming him into the cell. Owens hits back with a big chop, but Rollins is feeling it early as he continues to work on Owens.

Seth Rollins also has some of Cesaro's tape on his back Cesaro must have gotten too much this month and started giving it out in the back. Good guy Cesaro.

Rollins is on the outside setting up a table, while Owens is still in disbelief at the way Seth Rollins has started this match. He's been like a steam train.

Owens finally starts to get into this match as he slams Rollins into the cage on the outside.

A bit of showboating from Owens as Seth rolls around the floor mid beating. Owens is a much happier man than he was a few minutes ago.

Back into the ring now, but not for long as Owens launches Rollins between the top and middle rope and into the cell. More gloating from Owens.

Owens toying with Rollins now as he hits a cannonball on Rollins in the corner of the ring. "Rollins is being decimated" says Michael Cole as Owens hits another cannonball - this time in the corner of the cell.

Wow. What A sequence. Both men are applauded by the crowd as they exchange moves in the middle of the ring.

Owens is channeling his inner D'von and getting a table.