Hell in a Cell



Owens nails Seth with a fire extinguisher and then sprays Seth and the referee in the face. The referee is out.

ITS JERICHO! Jericho has arrived and has locked himself inside the cell with Owens and Seth... Owens kisses Jericho on the cheek. What a plan. What smarts.

We also have a replacement referee. What good timing. Jericho is out however as Seth threw him into the cell.

OH MY GOD! Seth power bombs Kevin Owens from the ring, through two tables, and onto the floor. What a moment.

Owens is in trouble. Rollins hits the frog splash and goes for the pin. JERICHO SAVES! Jericho pulled the referee out of the ring and saves Owens title.

Seth is on the outside giving Jericho the beating he probably deserves. He picks Jericho up for a power bomb, but instead slams Jericho into the cell.

He's off to take care of Owens now. Owens though, out of nowhere hits the pop up powerbomb. 2 count however as Seth kicks out. Somehow.

The numbers game is starting to take it's toll however though, as Jericho and Owens wail on Rollins with steel chairs. Rollins somehow manages to grab a chair, but his offence is quickly halted by a massive DDT onto the chair from Kevin Owens. This is a beating now.

KEVIN OWENS WINS! A powerbomb through two steel chairs is what it takes to keep Seth Rollins down and Jericho and his good friend Kevin stand tall. Oh my.

Jericho confronts the beaten Seth Rollins' at the end of the match and gives him a codebreaker for good measure. What a baddy. What a friend.