BytheMin Meets...Katie Archibald



Hello hello!! @TimBonvilleGinn here to give you a huge moment in mine and BTM's life! My interview with Olympic, European and Six Days London champion Katie Archibald. First I'll say how great Katie was out on the track, absolutely incredible! She was lovely to talk to as well. Anyway, let's get on with it shall we!!

Q: Katie Archibald, how does it feel to have been so dominant throughout the event?

KA: "Daunting, to be honest. I woke up every morning terrified. I knew I had some pressure on due to the success from the day before I'm not incredible, you see me lose a couple of races and I've really been putting everything in, a lot of things have been so close down to the line and sometimes Lady Luck comes on my side, so yeah, it's nice to have come out on top."

She says she isn't incredible, I'm sure you'll join me in disagreeing somewhat. A fabulous athlete.

Q: And Neah Evans, what do you think about her performance? She was really strong as well.

KA: "I think she's the most consistent UK track rider right now. She's been at every revolution (series and) here at the Six Days, she's been pushing everyone to the extremes because she has such speed. I've got to bring my A game tactically to beat her in the sprint, you can't get rid of her with an attack."

KA: "It's not like she's one extreme or another, it's just a type of rider. Oh and she's hell out on the road! She just constantly goes hard! I've been impressed and (I'm) interested to see where this goes. It's just been the last couple of years that you've seen her make that step so it's quite cool to wonder where it's going to go."

Q: Now, I saw you at one point, in the 'Win&Out'.... Elimination, where you were sat off the back a bit, was that a tactic or were you chugging a little bit on the pedals?

KA: "Oh I can't remember, whatever sounds most complimentary, you can put that." So I shall, I believe it was a brilliant piece of tactical knowledge because she had been attacking, but she hung off the back for a bit before storming round everyone to beat them to the line!

Q: So what are you doing now? Are you going to have a rest for a bit, or will we see you up in Glasgow for the World Cup next weekend?