Good evening all! Yet again it’s Thomas Frost (Frosty_Potter89) here to bring you the play by play of Game 6 of the 2016 World Series. The Cleveland Indians lead the World Series 3-2 over the Chicago Cubs. We’re back in Cleveland, Ohio after Cleveland went 2-1 in Chicago.

Cleveland win and they win their 3rd World Series title and first in 68 years. However if Chicago win we go to a deciding Game 7 tomorrow night! Are you excited? Of course you are! Now let’s give you some team news to mull over before the first pitch which will be in 30-35 minutes.

Cubs lineup:

Indians lineup:

Cubs pitcher:

Indians pitcher:

First pitch is in 30-35 minutes so please join me then!

I'm back! First pitch about 5 minutes away!

Game 3 starter Josh Tomlin will pitch for the Indians tonight and he will face a reshuffled Cubs lineup as you would have noticed and due to the return of Kyle Schwarber at DH. In the 1st he will face Fowler, Schwarber and Bryant.

First pitch is in there for a strike and Game 6 of the World Series is underway.