WWE Smackdown



It's Smackdown time! I almost forgot this was airing at midnight tonight and not 1am. Let's go!

James Ellsworth makes his way to the ring to open the show. Will he have to answer to Dean Ambrose tonight for costing him a title shot last week?

He looks very sheepish tonight does Ellsworth. He's called out Dean Ambrose because he wants to apologise and make things right.

Luckily for James Ellsworth though, Dean seems to be in a pretty good mood tonight. Ambrose tells him it's water under the bridge all seems pretty good between the two.

IT'S AJ STYLES! AJ arrives to quite the ovation from the crowd. He tells Ellsworth that Ambrose has zero respect for him and AJ Styles is the reason he even has a career in the WWE.

Ambrose isn't too happy though and he wants to fight. Ellsworth gets in the way though, and AJ pushes him into Ambrose. Ellsworth then gets thrown out the ring and AJ delivers a phenomenal forearm to Ambrose. "THAT'S WHAT I DO" shouts AJ as his music plays and he exits. I love AJ Styles.

Some questions ahead of the rest of the show then - Has Randy Orton joined the Wyatt family? What will happen between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch ahead of their title match in Glasgow this week? Who'll be on team Smackdown at Survivor Series?

The opening match of tonight's Smackdown will be Kane v Randy Orton in a no DQ match. Decent.

A backstage segment with Daniel Bryan, Ambrose, and Ellsworth who just mumbles about how sorry he is. Bryan tells Dean Ambrose that tonight he'll face AJ Styles once more and if he can win that match he'll get a title shot. Bryan tells Ambrose it's his last chance, then makes it clear to James Ellsworth that he's banned from ringside for that match. Interesting.

Randy Orton and Kane are already on the outside going at it, Kane landing a brutal chair shot early. This could potentially be really good.