World Darts Championship



Is this on? Yes it appears so. I'm Chris Clark and I'll be your steady host for Barney against Bunting in the tie of the 2nd Round.

Tonight's other games are Wade v Newton and MVG v Webster of the Darren variety.

Last year Barney and Bunting met in the quarter finals, in a game which Raymond not only beat but patronised Bunting at the end of the night

Barney and Bunting playing here to meet MVG in the last 16. This quarter of the draw is tough.

Barney is the 1/2 Favourite here. But I'm not biting at those odds. (says a smug man who cleaned house with a Stoke win yesterday)

So here we go...It's Barney v Bunting. Two World Champions head to head. In Round 2 of the Darts World Championship.


Hmm. Yes both are former World Champions but Barney's were a bit harder to win than Bunting's one.

Bunting to the stage first, but all the time the Barney Army chant is loud and proud. Raymond is the fan's favourite here.

Then Raymond blows that fan favouritism by waving the Dutch flag to a couple of thousand UKIP supporters.

Game on. Barney to throw first.

If you had 721pm in the Yaya/Kolo Chant sweepstake..go collect your winnings.