New York Knicks

Chicago Bulls



Evening All - Our coverage of the NBA continues on this Friday night with Derrick Rose returning to Chicago for the first time since his move to New York in the off season. I'm Stephen Clark here to bring this one to you. Hopefully it will be a Thriller

The Bulls are 8 point favourites going into this one after a 3-1 start. The Knicks look a bit of a mess and are 1-3 in the early stages and have been producing some ugly stuff.

As well as this game there is a full card of action tonight and I'll try to keep you up to date on all the games as we go. 3 games underway at the minute and they are as follows Atlanta 30 Washington 40 (Q2) Charlotte 12 Brooklyn 21 (Q1) Miami 22 Toronto 13 (Q1)

It has been party time in Chicago of course today after the Cubs parade this afternoon. Those that have dragged themselves away from the festivities will be hoping that the Bulls can bring back the glory days of Jordan, Pippen et al.

We are underway in Chicago and Courtney Lee sinks the first bucket of the night for the Knicks

Dwayne Wade with his first basket of the night as the Bulls take the lead

Knicks showing a bit more hunger in the paint early on then Rose gives the Bulls fans a reminder of what he can do with a burst down the court and an easy lay up. When Porzingis sinks a three pointer, Bulls call time out to stop the early rot

KNICKS 13 BULLS 3 (8:02 Q1)

Eleven point run there for New York. Points for all 5 of the Knicks starters.

Porzingis with another 3 after Wade had made a 3 point play. Knicks moving the ball from end to end very quickly. Porzingis on fire early on but misses a free throw to break the spell.