World Track Cycling World Cup: Live From Glasgow



Gooooood morning all! @TimBonvilleGinn here yet again on location here in Glasgow for the Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup! If it's half as exciting as the Six Days last week then this should be amazing! Hope you can stay with me throughout and enjoy the ride

It's so much lighter and airier than London, I know the lights were deliberately darker there for atmosphere and I must say the announcer here is rubbish!

Team GB: Men: BOSTOCK Matthew, BURKE Steven, CARLIN Jack, EMADI-COFFIN Kian, OWENS Ryan, STEWART Mark, TENNANT Andrew, TRUMAN Joe, WOOD Oliver Women: ARCHIBALD Katie, KAY Emily, KHAN Danielle, LLOYD Manon, NELSON Emily

So here we go, the women's sprint quals! It's Gloria Manzoni of Italy to start it off

Here she goes! What time will she get, it's a 12.085

So up next we have Tzu Chun Wang, TAICHUNG CYCLING TEAM and here she goes! Her time is.... 12.441, quite a way off there

China's Lili Liu up now! This is the big nation for this!

So what can she do here, here she comes, fast lap... she is absolutely flying! 11.501 and that is brilliant!

Australia's Holly Takos up now, she looks so solid and smooth on the bike, here she comes, winding it up and she is flying into the corner, here she comes... 11.139 and that was excellent from the ozzy

Now, Hong Kong rider, Zhao Juan Meng, no aero helmet as ever for them, here she comes though, what time can she get! 11.912 is the time so she is 3rd