World Track Cycling World Cup: Live In Glasgow



A very good, cold, morning here in Glasgow! More and more riders warming up on the track and rollers, I had a rather different coach journey today with team Australia, China and Poland! Never thought that many people watched Dragon Ball Z! Anyway, I'm @TimBonvilleGinn, the action starts at around 9:30am and goes all the way to 12:25ish... We'll be back for 3pm after that!

So in this 'morning' session we have the following... Men’s individual pursuit (qualifying) Women’s omnium (scratch and tempo) Women’s team sprint (qualifying and round 1) Men’s team sprint (qualifying and round 1) I'm looking forward to the omnium! What about you guys??

Getting everything here, a couple from Nottingham supporting Malaysia! The Awang fan club is here clearly.... he isn't here by the way

I'm feeling a bit drowsy today, woke up at 7:45... I was on the bus for 8! Here for 8:10 so yeah, no breakfast for me! Again

Right, I was wrong so I got rid of that update... the first is Men's individual pursuit! Zahkarov and Sylvain Chavanel are both in this!! Watch for Lampater and Tennant as well of course!

So Rohan Wight is going off on his own as the first man riding for Australia... Lets see how he goes

I was thinking, oh I could get into track cycling, just build on my already weirdly high power.... most of them are 19 riding here!! I haven't got a prayer!

Anyway, Wight is riding solidly for the moment but he is slightly below schedule

Well he now looks well above schedule I believe... It's a hard old ride this

He's a whole lap behind the WR but here he comes... 4:27.099, a good time... can he stay in the top 4?