Something a little different tonight as we have Charger fan Harvey Waywell and Titans fan Stephen Clark going head to head...Stay tuned!

Harvey here and I'll be commenting on the Charger drives ...They received and already have the ball in midfield

Pass down the middle to WR Williams is complete and another 1st down

Then another to Inman and nearly into the redzone

Now Gordon with some hard yards up the middle and a SD 1st down at the 14

Touchdown CHARGERS !

Antonio Gates with the catch and he ambles into the endzone untouched

Chargers then remind me of the type of team they are and miss the PAT !

Rivers a perfect 6 for 6 on that drive and the 6th time out of 9 they have scored on their opening drive

Joey Bosa all over Mariota and they are three and out and will punt