Eeeeeeeeevening one and all. Arsenal vs Bournemouth. I'm @GoonerMV and surely this can't be any worse than Saturday.

I could do some work and type out the teams. Or I could post a screenshot. Screenshot it is.

Predictions then? Arsenal haven't changed it too much upfront, but defence gets a reshuffle. I'll go 4-1 Arsenal. Biased? Me?

As a stream (legal, of course) is too far behind, I'm using the radio. Yes, we're going back to the 17th century. Strap in.

Delightful to see Debuchy on the bench today, was starting to think he'd disappeared. Chambers at DM will be... interesting.

First person to use the 'reply' button below gets a ByTheMin Knighthood. And 5 million pounds. On your marks... get set... GO!

Bit of a scare as Ramsey goes inside with the physio, Iwobi warmed up briefly with the starting XI. Ramsey back out now, so fingers crossed.

Ramsey being injured isn't ideal... not least because we don't have another midfielder. Literally no one. Anyone got Kallstrom's number?

Five or so minutes until kick off. Arsenal need a bright start today, get rid of any hangover from Saturday's game.

Just watched Arsene advertising a smartphone. We can forget about any Oscars for now, I'd say. Or any acting award ever.