Brazilian Grand Prix: Qualifying



Welcome to São Paulo - it's not raining, but it might

This is a big moment in the 2016 F1 World Championship. No a huge moment, it's all in Nico Rosberg's hands. But the pressure, oh the pressure!

Lewis topped the first two practice sessions, but Nico edged FP3

News - Vettel's Ferrari is not ready. A problem with the hydralics in the brakes apparently. He should make it before the Q1 chequered flag. Should.

Green flag, 18 minutes of Q1, everyone's out on soft tyres. It's hard medium and soft this weekend.

First runs and 1.11.5 for Lewis, 1.11.8 for Nico Everyone will be keeping an eye on the weather right now, it could rain before the end of the session. That keeps the track busy too, for you want to be out there at that prime moment just before the grip disappears. Those at the front will probably be happy enough with their times though.

Vettel is now out on track. Rain in Q2 apparently - that'll spice things up at bit.

Would it be too much to hope for a Massa pole? A Massa win? Probably, but it would be the best thing ever in his last home GP.

Button in the drop zone right now, along with WEH, OCO, NAS, ERI, MAG

6 minutes remain and everyone's in the pits - going to be a burst of activity soon.