Monte Carlo Boxing Bonanza: Ortiz v Scott/Sosa v Smith



Evening folks! Boxing live from Monte Carlo tonight of all places. Lucky for some, I guess! Me? I'm in my living room with the laptop. Sakes. Anyways...some decent fights on tonight. Including this one coming up right now. Jamie McDonnell vs Liborio Solis!


What's the latest man??


Apologies, ignore my comment I didn't know I had oldest first on ... all good now, thanks for the coverage btw.

The one you probably know less about among the two fighters...

And the other one...the one you probably have heard of before...

ROUND ONE: McDonnell v Solis Here we go then! It's a library-esque atmosphere inside the arena in Monte Carlo. Probably pissing away their chips at the casino instead of watching the fighting action. Good body shot from Solis. McDonnell landing a couple as well. Jab working well.

ROUND ONE: McDonnell v Solis Solis making a fast paced end to the round. He's working very, very well. McDonnell taking a bit of a pounding right now. This is worrying for the Brit. It's a mental start. So fast!!! Brilliant opening round. Must go to Solis too. Surely.

ROUND TWO: McDonnell v Solis Solis continues to take the fight to the champ. He's like a wee dug that just won't leave their owner alone. A right pest. Puts Jamie on the ropes again midway through the round. I'm worried for Jamie here. Big time.

ROUND TWO: McDonnell v Solis Another impressive round for the challenger. I have to say it's two rounds for Solis already. The big question would seem to be whether he can keep this up for 12 rounds. Might not need to if he continues in this form though. Impressed.

ROUND THREE: McDonnell v Solis Into the third we go. I believe we have Tony Bellew in the co-commentary box tonight. That'll be a real treat for everyone's ears... A cagey start to the round from both. First to show though is Solis. Again. He's well on top in the early rounds. 1/16 to win were McDonnell's odds. He's drifting quicker than Clinton on Tuesday night.

ROUND THREE: McDonnell v Solis Solis wants McDonnell on the ropes. He's had him there a good few times so far. His speed and power certainly haven't dipped since the off. Three rounds up after three? I'd say so. Jamie, wake up son!

ROUND FOUR: McDonnell v Solis WHAT A SHOT FROM SOLIS! You could almost hear the groans from Jamie from here. Good combination after the big shot too. McDonnell has been on the ropes a lot. Seen nothing to suggest he's going to win this fight. Really poor start.