Green Bay



Evening All - Sunday 6pm and this tune will bring back some memories.

Nicky Horne has it wrong though, it's not the opening day of the season, but this is an intriguing match up as the Green Bay Packers head to Nashville to take on the Tennessee Titans. Both teams still have hopes of making the play-offs but will be looking to bounce back after defeats last week. I'm Stephen Clark (@clarkyboy72) and I'll be covering this one tonight with a hint of Titan bias.

Green Bay were stunned by the Indianapolis Colts last week whilst the Titans lost a shootout to the Chargers in San Diego. Kick off is about 10 minutes away and we will have all the action By The Minute

OK then we have had the anthems and we are about ready to roll. Game Pass replaying the Music City Miracle at the moment which is nice.

A lot of Packer fans in Tennessee this afternoon. They will get the ball on midfield as the Titans try an onside kick from the kickoff!!

Wow, that was way out of leftfield to start the game!!!

Packers actually start in Titans territory, and move to the 46 on a 3 yard pick up by James Starks on 1st down. Starks picks up another couple on second down.

3rd & 4 for Green Bay - Pass over the middle to Randall Cobb is dropped so it's three and out for the PAck. Fake Punt anyone??

Almost great special teams play from the Packers as they try to down the ball at the 1, but the chaser slides into the endzone so it will be a touchback. Interesting opening series of the game! TEN 0 GB 0

Titans start on the 20 and get a free five yards straight away as the Pack D-Line jump offside.