I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here: Day Two



EVENING JUNGLE FANS! Roddy Graham here for night two down under. How will the celebs tackle the first Bushtucker trial? Will ITV give any air time to the GB hockey player? And just how many times have you watched Larry Lamb rescuing Scarlett off of Gogglebox today? Welcome to IACGMOOT!

PS...if you missed my nonsense last night, you can catch up right here. You'll love it. Maybe. http://www.bytheminute.co/events/3785-tv-i-m-a-celebrity-get-me-out-of-here-day-1-day-one-in-the-jungle-how-will-the-10-celebs-cope-follow-along-and-find-out-live-13-nov-2016

My hopes for tonight are... - Wayne Bridge and that hockey player actually do something. Anything. - The bushtucker trial doesn't just focus on Scarlett the whole time (which it will) - Ant and Dec reveal that two new celebs are joining the camp tomorrow. And this fella is one of them. PLEASE ITV!

So here we go with the night two action. From the promo we are promised Scarlett tears (of course!), an underground trial and screams. And for anyone not able to watch tonight, Ant still has his beard. The Daily Mail will write many a column inch about that no doubt.

Carol Vorderman is struggling to sleep in the jungle. Probably all that botox on her face. Will mean her eyes can no longer shut. Poor Carol. Meanwhile, some people are missing home ALREADY. Including Scarlett. Bet she's missing the telly more.

The next bushtucker trial is an eating one. HOW ORIGINAL ITV! The Big Bush Bake Off is it's name. Channel 4 are LIVID. Raging. All that money spent on a tent and Paul Hollywood and Ant and Dec go and pinch their concept. Sakes.

"The fact the insects can go in your mouth...in your nose...in any hole" Sam Quek ladies and gentlemen. Olympic gold medalist don't you know.

Here's what we've all waited for...the first REAL trial of the series. The Tomb of Torment. Though the way Ant says it, it could be the Toon of Torment. Or NUFC under Alan Pardew as I'd call it.

Oh my word. Scarlett is in tears already and she's not even inside the trial area! Play to the cameras dear. Then the British public will vote you to do all the trials. And you'll fail the first few. Then nail one. Then win the show. Then host Loose Women. I could be an agent. Easily.

Oh man. And now we get James Corden singing as Kate Nash in the Sainsbury's Christmas advert. Where they teach you that the most important thing to remember at Xmas is the gift of time with family. WON'T BE THAT WHEN YOU EXPECT YOUR STAFF IN AT 7AM ON BOXING DAY THOUGH, EH?


Your kids will be pretty annoyed if they don't get a new Playstation because of this hideous, holier than thou advert.

Roddy Graham

Screw a Playstation! They can get a whole 24 hours of me instead!