I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here: Day Two



AND WE'RE BACK! The Tomb of Torment with Scarlett in tears. But at least she's gone inside the tomb. Not-Ashley Banjo is trying to reassure her. Trial underway. 10 minutes with maggots, rats, insects and, worse of all, Ola Jordan screaming her wee face off!

Way to get through a Bushtucker trial no.468....sing the Spice Girls. For some bizarre reason. Aye, ok. Whatever gets you through.

Well done celebs! They've managed to spend 10 minutes in a tomb with loads of disgusting creatures to earn some food for camp. Mind you, last year the campers had to spend time with the most disgusting jungle creature...and that didn't get them any stars!

Back at camp and I can only say one thing...CAROL VORDERMAN! Good job this is on post-watershed...

Carol is now discussing everyone in camp. And she agrees with me. Everyone is too nice. Which makes for frankly pretty dull tv. I mean this Wayne Bridge/Frankie/James Corden story is sending me to sleep.

Joel Dommett has a pi tattoo to 106 decimal places. He's my new favourite. End the show now. Anyone who's a bit of a maths geek is fine by me.

Alan Wilson

A pedant writes: Engineers call square root of -1 "j" so the joke is lost on them, not for the first time.

Larry Lamb is now just showing off, doing squats with that Emmerdale fella on his back. Rescues Scarlett last night, He-Man tonight. What's he going to do tomorrow? Sleep with Wayne Bridge's lass with his 10,000 mile long cock?

Awww. Wayne Bridge starts crying over a Larry Lamb story. It'll be worse tomorrow mate when Larry is having it off with his favourite member of S Club Juniors. CUE THE ADVERTS!


Something interesting needs to happen soon.

Roddy Graham

It's so dull isn't it? Glad it isn't just me. Think ITV have cast this really badly this year. This show only works when there's a little bit of conflict. Everyone getting on is never a good recipe.

And we're back! The camp president is about to be announced. But first...some weird thing where all the campmates need to work out who the public have voted for camp president. Some form of reward for getting it right. Here's another president in camp whilst we wait for this to be over.

Lisa Snowdon...anyone even notice she was there tonight? Anyways...the campers manage to get themselves into the right order within 3 tries. And Larry is camp president. With Scarlett as vice. Still more preferable to this pair, eh Liberals!