HELLO! It's time for the final RAW before Survivor Series and I'm actually quite excited to see how this one goes.

The big boys Goldberg and Brock Lesnar will be coming face to face tonight! Exciting!

Also, because they seem to be cramming lots of pre Survivor Series stuff into tonight's show, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon will be on Raw tonight.

They've opened the show by lining up all the superstars from Raw's Survivor Series teams on the stage. Mick and Stephanie are in the ring opening the show and giving all the superstars a wee pep talk.

Stephanie challenges the superstars to learn to work together as a team or she'll be making some "serious changes".

It seems tonight's theme is all the superstars learning to work as a team, so Mick and Stephanie have made a series of tag team matches. We're kicking that off right now with Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns taking on Cesaro and Sheamus.

Look how shocked Jericho was to find out his best friend is teaming with someone else.

Cesaro and Reigns to start this off. Cesaro is a popular man with this crowd.

Roman goes looking for the tag from Kevin Owens, but he isn't interested. Cesaro and Sheamus looking like a pretty decent team early in this one, but they immediately start to bicker.

They remain on top though and they knock Roman to the outside. Kevin Owens walks round angrily to have a wee word with his partner, but that big dreamboat Cesaro leaps over the top rope and comes crashing onto them both.