Kevin Owens is finally in the match now. He hits Cesaro with a big DDT from the top rope and almost gets a 3 count. Reigns and Owens still aren't pals.

Owens decides he's had enough and tags in Reigns. Roman hits the driveby and a super man punch on Sheamus, but Cesaro makes the save. Just.

REIGNS AND OWENS WIN! Reigns and Owens aren't getting along at all, but they manage to get it done. Reigns hits Sheamus with the spear and then pulls a stunned Owens over him for the 3 count. What a good teammate Roman is.

Backstage segment now with Jericho, Rollins, and Braun Strowman who'll be teaming up tonight to take on the New Day. Jericho tells his partners that to inspire team unity he's bought them both presents.

IT'S SCARVES! Jericho bought his teammates scarves! Does this man's kindness know no bounds? Seth and Braun aren't impressed. Some men don't know their luck.

It's Bo Dallas! He'll be taking on Sami Zayn tonight. Apparently those two had a tiff on the pre show and they're going to sort it out tonight in the ring. As they should.

SAMI ZAYN WINS! Pretty straight forward that one. Poor Bo.

Sami's asked by Byron in the ring after the match if he'd rather face The Miz or Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series. Sami isn't bothered who he faces, but does promise to bring the intercontinental title back with him.

Next up it's New Day taking on Jericho, Seth, and Braun Strowman. Exciting.

A backstage segment with the cruiserweight division. Brian Kendrick promises all the lads he'll beat Kalisto at Survivor Series and there's no reason for them to worry because he's the best in the division. They all get into a bit of ruckus and Noam Dar tells them all to calm down.