This match still hasn't started yet. Jericho is finally making his way down to the ring wearing one of his lovely scarfs. This one has anchors on it.

We're finally set to start this match! Jericho tells Braun and Seth that he's the team captain, so he should be the one to start. Seth and Braun oblige. It's Kofi and Jericho to start us off.

Jericho gives Seth a tag that could easily have passed for a chop. He's now in against Xavier Woods.

The New Day showing off how good their teamwork is and Jericho is on the receiving end of some punishment at the hands of all 3 members. Big E hits the big splash, but Jericho kicks out at 2 and a half.

Braun Strowman is in the match! Braun drops Kofi face first into the mat, shouts "BRAUNNNNN", and we cut to a break.... Sigh.

We're back! Braun is still in the ring throwing around Kofi Kingston.

Jericho in the ring now against Xavier Woods. Woods hits Jericho with a DDT, but Braun Strowman breaks up the 3 count. Better teamwork here from Jericho and Strowman.

Rollins sets Woods up for the pedrigee, but Jericho makes the tag. Rollins isn't happy, but he's thrown over the ropes to the outside.

JERICHO, SETH, AND BRAUN WIN! Braun Strowman slams Xavier Woods to the mat and gets the 3 count.