Seth and Braun leave as Jericho is left reeling from Seth's pedigree. A win is a win, but much like Owens and Reigns they weren't the most cohesive unit.

IT'S PAUL HEYMAN! He confronts Stephanie and Mick backstage. Mick gets on his phone and says that he needs extra security for tonight's confrontation between Brock and Goldberg.

Backstage segment with Sasha and Charlotte. Sasha tells Charlotte that they have to put their differences aside, but after Survivor Series is done she wants her rematch for that title. Good stuff.

Brian Kendrick time! How great has Brian Kendrick been recently by the way? Off we go for another ad break.

Also important to note that we're 1 hour and 26 minutes into Raw and Rusev hasn't even been mentioned yet. Where is Rusev? We want Rusev!

Brian Kendrick will be taking on Sin Cara after they had words backstage. Nothing new there for Sin Cara.

This match serving as a warm up for Brian Kendrick for his match against Smackdown's Kalisto at Survivor Series. The winner will take the whole division home to their brand.

Kendrick in control here as he hits Sin Cara with a big elbow to the face. Cara fights back and hits a big suicide dive to the outside. They both fight on the outside of the ring as we go to another commercial break. The commercial breaks really disrupt the flow of these matches.

KENDRICK WINS! Sin Cara taps out and Kendrick gets a nice win before his title defence on Sunday. They gave those two a pretty reasonable amount of time tonight and they even had some storyline. Decent.

Backstage segment between Enzo & Cass and The Club. Enzo & Cass warn The Club that they better be on side at Survivor Series.