Paul Heyman and his client leave. The fans chant Goldberg's name.

Time for this! Bayley is on commentary for this one.

Nix Jax and Charlotte to start us off. Charlotte seems unsure about how to approach this one.

She tags in Sasha, and she takes it to Nia Jax. Sasha's offence doesn't last very long however as she runs straight into the wall that is Nia. Ad break time.

SASHA AND CHARLOTTE WIN! Sasha takes issue with a Charlotte tag and the two of them come to blows. Alicia Fox comes off the top rope and hits both Charlotte and Sasha with a cross body, but Sasha rolls it through and locks in the Banks Statement on Alicia Fox. Foxy submits.

Bayley enters the ring and encourages Sasha and Charlotte to hug it out. No luck. Charlotte is no fun.

Backstage segment as Mick Foley tells his mens Survivor Series team that they don't have to be best friends to win. Jericho interrupts to make it clear that he and Kevin Owens actually are best friends. He tells his team to "stick around for the fireworks show". Cryptic Mick?

An Emmalina vignette airs. Premiering soon.

Time for Enzo & Cass to team up with The Club to take on Golden Truth and Shining Stars. Shouldn't Golden Truth be away on their time share?

Finally back from a mighty long ad break. The Club currently decimating R-Truth.