Jericho has came to Kevin Owen's aid. He's got his pen, is he doing it? Is it happening? YES! Aj Styles just made the list.

James Ellsworth is here. Jericho tells him he's a weird looking guy and because of that he's going on the list. Everyone is going on the list.

Bray Wyatt has the mic now - "You abandoned me, you abandoned your brothers, and this Sunday we destroy the monster that we created" he tells Braun. Braun and Randy square up.

WE HAVE A BRAWL!! All 10 men go at it!

The brawl ends with Seth Rollins saving Roman Reigns from a Styles clash. Pedigree to AJ by Seth. He's then picked up by and thrown by team Raw onto team Smackdown. Stephanie and Mick stand tall in the ring with their team. Smackdown regroup on the ramp.

What an ending!

Now that was a proper go-home ending. I approve greatly. Quite keen for this Survivor Series match now. That's been Raw. I'm away to sleep. Night night x