KALSITO WINS! The pale jobber comes up short. Good momentum for the big man heading into his title match.

On further examination Kalisto's pale jobber was actually Oney Lorcan from NXT. Quite cool for him getting a match on the main roster there.

Sunday's IC title match is set!

Nikki Bella makes her way down to the ring as we go to a break.

A wee backstage segment happened with the Smackdown tag teams and KING BOOKER! King Booker took exception to Breezango attempting to give him fashion advice and gave them a telling off. Good fun, although for some reason the bad guy Usos were dancing.

Nikki Bella will be facing Carmella next.

Carmella is so great at being a heel by the way, she mocks John Cena's "you can't see me" gesture. She's so evil.

Carmella seems to be focusing on Nikki Bella's neck in this match, which is the smart move. Nikki's suffering here, but she knows more than most how important it is to never give up. Not ever. Not even once.

JBL's hat has more space on that commentary table that Tom Phillips.

ITS CHARLOTTE! Charlotte's here, she's walking through the crowd waving her ticket. Charlotte takes her seat in the front row as they go to another break.