ITS EDGE! Edge makes his way to the ring to a rousing ovation. He's sporting a lovely Rick Grimes beard.

Finally back from that ad break. Edge tells everyone how excited he is to be on Smackdown, how he helped build the show, and that fantasy warfare just got real. I wish he wouldn't tell us that last part.

Edge introduces Team Smackdown and they make their way to the ring lead by the big man AJ Styles and accompanied by James Ellsworth.

James Ellsworth asks Edge if they can do a 5 second pose together, but AJ Styles isn't letting that happen. So mean.

Edge show concern for his former tag team partner Randy Orton, Bray interrupts him though and tells him that the Randy Orton he once knew is dead. Edge seems concerned.

Shane has the mic now, he's giving his teammates a wee pep talk about how they all need to be on the same page come Sunday. AJ and Ambrose are having a wee argument and Dean tells AJ he'll face him at TLC for the title.

THE BELL TOLLS! Undertaker is here! Is there still time for him to walk all the way to the ring?

James Ellsworth was a random jobber on Raw about a month ago and now he's in a segment with Edge and The Undertaker. Mental.

Undertaker has made it to the ring. He looks down the Smackdown team and stops at Shane McMahon. Gives him a look...

"There could be no better man to be commissioner of Smackdown than the man who has no fear" he tells Shane McMahon.