South Africa
214 + 136/4

303 + 325



How should England play this? Accelerate until lunch, and then another 30 minutes after lunch maybe? Should given them a 400+ lead.

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Gower and Nasser giving a spin masterclass in 'The Zone.' No studio, so this net is as far as the Sky budget has stretched. Cheers football.

*2 MINUTE WARNING KLAXON* Yes, that's a thing. Anyway, make your tea, pour your cornflakes, wake yourself up. I don't care, just be ready

Morkel first up to Root. Great first couple of balls, nipping back and cutting Root in half. Not literally, I hasten to add... 172/3

First run of the day as Root edges it down to fine leg. Last ball reverses hugely, but does too much which saves Taylor. First over done!

Piedt into the attack second over of the day. Sure we'll see Root and Taylor go for him where they can. Well I'm not sure. I'm hoping.

Taylor and Root both using their feet to get themselves singles. Bit of a lbw appeal against Root, well outside the line. 177/3 (66)

I enjoy watching the football warmups a lot. Man United could do with Hales. And Broad. And Root. And Stokes. And Ali. And ... that'll do.

Anyway, you're not here for that football rubbish. You want cricket. And I can do that. Morkel has just bowled a maiden. There you go. 177/3