Six Days of Ghent



Afternoon all, Steph here to bring you all the mayhem from the final day of the Ghent 6 day. It's also the last time we will see Bradley Wiggins competing, unless he changes his mind about retirement again. He's teamed up with old pal Mark Cavendish again and after the first 5 days they are in the lead.

As you can see that is a tenuous lead for team Wiggendish as Belgian favourites Moreno de Pauw and Kenny de Ketele have more points as do Elia Viviani and Iljo Keise in 3rd. The difference being that they are a lap down. I think at 4 laps we can probably assume the Australians (Scotson and Meyer) are out of it.

I am struggling to find a schedule for today's races. Only this which I can just about understand a bit...

But its all chaotic madness anyway so lets just go with the flow.

Cav is currently on track in the points race.

Viviani took the first sprint. 5 points I think.

Viviani takes the next one too. He's wearing a fancy gold helmet because of the gold medal he won in the Olympics Omnium. Commentators are bigging up his rivalry with Cav. De Pauw takes the next sprint.

Cav nabs the next sprint after avoiding Viviani's elbow. Track centre is packed and the beer is flowing. About a third of the attendees are British. Apparently they have been stacking up beer glasses (hopefully plastic ones) and hurdling them. De Pauw wins the next sprint.

Viviani the overall winner there. Will get an updated standings in a minute.

Team Elimination race going on now. Love this one. Crazy. So hard to tell who's where with all the advertising on the track. First team out is Ghys and Kauts who are 50 odd laps down anyway.