NFL Redzone



That's in for me folks. The results from all the 6pm games are as follows. I've been @Durninho thanks for joining. Full time Buffalo 16-12 Cincinnati Pittsburgh 24-9 Cleveland Baltimore 17-27 Dallas Jacksonville 19-26 Detroit Tennessee 17-24 Indianapolis Tampa Bay 19-17 Kansas City Arizona 24-30 Minnesota Chicago 16-22 NY Giants


Good evening folks, @Durninho here bringing you up to date with the 6pm games from the NFL!

This evening's schedule is as follows... Buffalo @ Cincinnati Pittsburgh @ Cleveland Baltimore @ Dallas Jacksonville @ Detroit Tennessee @ Indianapolis Tampa Bay @ Kansas City Arizona @ Minnesota Chicago @ NY Giants

Join me in ten minutes for kickoff, just making sure I don't have any Jets players in my fantasy team.

For more than one reason...

Sorry folks, having some issues with redzone*. * denotes ordering pizza.

The Vikings are looking good early on however. TD pass to Kyle Rudolph, but there is a flag...

It's getting called back 0-0 MIN ARI

Early injury issues for AJ Green and Travis Kelce.


Cutler to Zach Miller for the TD. 7-0 Chicago!