World Darts Championship (Day 11)



Afternoon all! @NiallHawthorne here for the first half of this afternoons action as we bring Round 2 to a close, and begin Round 3 (Last 16)

As always, if you're lurking, watching, perusing or schmoozing, do say hello by clicking on the 'Reply' button. I'm very friendly, mostly.

We begin with Mervyn King v Jelle Klaasen in Round 2. Then we have Bully Boy Smith v van de Pas in Rd 3 and Wade v Caven also in Rd 3.

King and Klaasen are battling to take on the legendary Phil 'The Power' Taylor in the last 16. Both may fancy it based on Phil's recent form


I'm assuming Merv will be wearing a black armband during his walk-on to mark Lemmy's passing. Only seems right.


Good point Danny. Maybe he should play in an open denim shirt, letting it all hang out in tribute...

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Bristow, Part & Harrington in studio. The 21st Century version of 'The Three Wise Men'. What gifts would they bring? Suggestions please...

If you were relying on them following a bright light to find the messiah, they'd end up in the sea following a search & rescue helicopter...

Right, no suggestions? I'll go. Bristow - Jellied Eels. Part - Maple Syrup. Harrington - A Bottle of Just For Men. Jesus would be CHUFFED.

A discussion on Phil Taylor. Eric writing him off here...his mind is gone he says. Those two have really fallen out. I wonder why?


it's sad really, like watching your kids fight....if you really dislike your kids.


I normally lay bets when my kids fight. Does that make me a bad Dad?

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Harrington saying that everyone knows that he's vulnerable. Bristow says he's gone in the head. Oooh, I bet Phil is STEAMING hearing this.

Are they trying to poke the bear or are they genuinely writing him off? Wouldn't be surprised if Phil BATTERS someone in the next round...