Can you get any Satisfaction from a new Rolling Stones Album?



Until we meet again. Miller, out.

If you laugh at Mrs Brown's Boys or voted Leave, there's a chance you might like this album. Also, there's a chance you children will be having a road trip to Dignitas soon. And on that note... I've got work to do. Chris Clark has ruined my day.

Unless that's what you want? Do you want to eat your bland, tasteless meals in front of a television program you barely understand? Do you want Guy's Grocery Games?

See, and here's the lesson - we can't just go around letting 70+ year old white blokes do whatever they want! Because if we do, they'll take everything for themselves, absolutely ruin it, and give it back a corporate, shoddy and soulless mess.

Well. 42 minutes. Thank god that's over. 2/10. Comfortably one of the poorest albums I've ever heard. Not for my taste whatsoever.

The drums and guitar are accomplished, as you'd expect. But the singing and the harmonica - you just cant fake the blues. I said that like I'm a 90 year old arthritic Mississippi rocking chair slide guitar player. I'm not.

See - Led Zepplin did all this shite. And it wasn't really the blues then either but it was closer than this.

Well, I can't quit you baby But I got to put you down a little while Well, you done made me mess up my happy home I don't know if it's about the drink, or he's blaming his Mrs for domestic abuse.

He's doing his parody voice again. Give me strength.

Here we are... the last track on the album "I Can't Quit You Baby". Hope it's about heroin.