Can you get any Satisfaction from a new Rolling Stones Album?



Track 4. "All Your Love". This is flying by. Mind you, I'm more used to live blogging the MLS so this is a breeze. Oh it's a slow one and he's whinging about some tart binning him. It guess that's why they call it the blues.

Much slower this... plinky plonky pianos, steel guitars, harmonicas... any instrument made of metal. Just think of ANY generic blues shite, then get 4 white, rich accomplished rock and rollers to dick about in a studio redoing other people's songs. That this. And I don't like it. This isn't the blues.

See, the people who wrote these songs (largely), you could still hear the plantation in the echoes of their music. This is more "Bruce Willis plays the harmonica at the opening of a Hard Rock Casino" blues. Tin pot.

"All you Love" winds up with the usual, tired, Blues crescendo. And we're on to "I Gotta Go" I assume this is about Keith Richard's prostate?

Oh here we go... a PULSE!

Blues songs should repeat their lyrics more

Fair play to Charlie Watts here, he's keeping up. Not bad for 75. More harmonica. There's no SOUL to this whatsoever. None. This is music for dentists who have a Harley Davidson they only ride at the weekend.

HAS ANYONE SEEN HIS FUCKING BABY???? Someone please find the bitch and drop her off at Mick's gaff.

Track six... we're motoring now... "Everybody knows about my good thing". Bet it's about his knob. That or his "good thing" is his Mrs who cheats on him.

"I was talking to the post man... he mentioned your name" Definitely his Mrs cheating.