Can you get any Satisfaction from a new Rolling Stones Album?



Michael Jagger... your "thaaaaaaayng" is an insult to blues musicians. It's borderline racist, frankly.

Adam Snider

You realize they've been influenced by the blues their entire career, right? When you're done with this, go back and listen to "Midnight Rambler"...from 1969.

Lee Ryder is a mark ass bitch

no thanks

What do you get when you've been in the game 50 years and there's nothing left to do? "Ah, let's do a blues album. Why not" This is why not, lads. This.

"I was talkin to tha butcher.... he said you look so neat. I guess that's why my freezer is always fulla meat" Good lord. Still, his Mrs flogs her arse all over town and the local tradesmen are more than happy.

Track 7 and i pray, quietly for the sweet embrace of death. These four have escaped it for so long, too. "Ride 'Em on Down"... and... HANG ON TO YOUR HATS... it's a blues track.

This one is actually ok

I think this track is about gambling. At least it's not a crag faced womanizer moaning about how his baby has left him. Again.

Track 8 - "Hate to See You Go"... christ

Under no circumstances would any blues fan, nor Rolling Stones fan, say this album is an accomplishment in ANY fashion, outside of its creation in the year 2016. Given their age.

They're a live band, aren't they. Not a studio band. Because their "singer" is a live 6 foot chicken man. A human cockerel - not a recording artist. His voice is laboured, breathy and not worthy of these lyrics in any fashion.

I bloody LOVED seeing that track go. Number 9, the Hoo Doo Blues. Welcome to Planet Hollywood, I'll be your waitress, what kin ah git ya?