Hero World Challenge: Round Three



Good evening ! Tiger Woods is playing golf and alongside this a few other golfers (DJ, Matsuyama both -12 and 6 shots ahead of TW) But mainly, people want to watch Tiger. Sky brought their coverage forward - so did we! I'm @robertscross and we'll be on Tiger watch for the next few hours


Tiger watch 2nd hole Par 3 - ERMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM = 3ft Iron game is strong from Tiger

Fowler now on 2 playing alongside Tiger today - 9 iron. ........... also stiff.

Fowler drains his birdie putt on 2 Can Tiger go BACK TO BACK on 1 and 2 ....... little more than 3ft .............. HE CAN -2 through 2 for Tiger. He's now -8

Tiger watch On the tee at three...... and the first Par 5 of the day. Driver in hand - SMOKED ! Lovely watching Tiger swing smoothly - looks controlled.

Stenson pitching onto 3 ahead of Tiger and hes made a good job of it. Good birdie chance. Fowler hits the fairway on 3 but he's about 50 yards behind Tiger (over cut it apparently)

Tiger watch 3rd hole and he's having a go in two. .... great strike but not quite enough distance and it rolls off the front left of the green. Still a good chance for back to back to back birdies for Woods and we can all start talking about him shooting 59 .....

Fowler pitches to around 6ft on 3. Birdie try coming up. Tiger now and he's got some green to work with..... nips it and what a chip..... stone dead. That will be 3 in a row for Mr Woods and going to -9.......

Watson on the first - makes the green from the rough - he likes it around this track, Fowler on 3 for back to back birdies and he pushes it right. Makes the one back for par. Speith on 2 from 20ft for birdie. He misses left.