World Darts Championship



Chisnall hits his first 180 (that's one each), to leave 8 and that's the first hold.

Second maximum from Wright, some pressure on his 24 but he does the job - deciding leg...

SET CHISNALL! Had the throw, had at least six for 161. Bit of pressure from Wright with the maximum, but two darts all that's needed for 68.

Decent stats so far!

Wright gets away with that leg - starts second set with a 55 with the throw, but hangs in there to take advantage when Chizzy misses d18.

Break Wright! Average leg from Chisnall, Wright has six for 82 - needs five, but that's a 2-0 lead in the set.

SET WRIGHT! Whitewash set, Wright can even afford some slack darts with 78 left. Hits d19 on next visit, we're all square.

Players off for a break...

Third set, Chisnall with the darts. Hits a maximum on his way to a straightforward hold. Starts next leg with a 180 too.

Wright can't hit 121, so it's another break as Chisnall hits d10 to move 2-0 in the set.