World Darts Championship



Hello hello - that's two 180s from Chisnall, has 76 for the break...and hits d4 with the third dart to break! Wright needs a break now...

Wright has 116 to break straight back...AND GETS IT! Great darts under pressure, his best finish so far.

And now Wright hits a maximum on his throw, miles ahead, hits 84 with three to hold and move a leg away from the set.

This time it's Chisnall with the maximum and the big lead. But he makes a mess of 170, only scoring 58 - despite 180 from Wright, he holds.

SET WRIGHT! Has at least six from 161, sets it up beautifully leaving d16 - tidies it up, we're straight into the decider!

Stats at end of the sixth - very decent!

Chizzy with darts in the seventh, and starts with a 143 out! Didn't actually need it - Wright further back - but that sends a message...

Pressure on Wright - 100 to get with Chisnall on 82 - and nails it to level the decider up! 1-1.

BREAK WRIGHT! This time it's Chisnall under pressure on 106 with Wright on 80. Bad start (1!), and can't finish. Wright a leg away!

BREAK CHISNALL! Couple of poor visits at the start of the leg from Wright gives Chizzy the advantage - has shot at 68 - gets it! 3-3, 2-2!