World Darts Championship



MATCH WRIGHT! Wins 4-3, only needed the one dart at the last visit for the d6.

Well I said it'd be a close one! Your final stats...

Tori Tops

Blimey that was close....

Matt (@Ugster1)

It was indeed! One of those occasions when the stats reflect the match itself.

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Fantastic that, real quality from both players. So it's Lewis v Wright in the quarters. Right, time to breathe before the next one...

Norris v Webster ahead. Tournament stats so far for them (Norris first): Average: 95.54 v 91.5. Checkout: 46.81% v 42%.

You're not missing anything - Will Greenwood having a chat in the Sky studio. A genuine fan, it seems, but let's have some darts...

Players on the way at last. Winner of this plays Taylor or Klaasen in quarters.

It's Webster with the throw in the first set - game on!

I'm tempted not to make a prediction and retire for the evening at 100%, but I'll go for Webster by a couple.

And naturally after that prediction, it's Norris with the break - nervy double attempts from both, he gets there first.

Nice from Webster as he breaks back with a 130, despite a 180 from Norris.