World Darts Championship



SET NORRIS! Finally a hold in the set, and it's a vital one. Poor darts from Webster, Norris has d20 - one dart does the job.

Players off for a break. Stats:

And with that I'll hand over to @Jamesbcafc_ to take you through the rest of the evening. @Ugster1 signing off - enjoy it!

I'm @jamesbcafc_ and I'm taking you through the rest of this match and the Taylor vs Klaasen match.

Webster 2-0 down so far, Webster takes the first leg in the third set.

Webster 2-0 up in legs in the third set, playing much better.

THIRD SET WEBSTER. Double 10 to pull a set back. Norris 1-2 Webster.

Brilliant leg from Norris with included TWO 180's go to 1-0 in legs in the fourth set.

Webster with double 10 to pull back level in the fourth set.

Norris holds his throw to go 2-1 up in the fourth set.