Gary Anderson

James Wade



Hello again. After that great first quarter final, time for another, hopefully - Anderson v Wade, and I'm going to tip Wade in a close one.

Tournament stats so far, Anderson first: Averages: 99.91 v 94.04. Checkout: 38.04% v 43.59%. Players on the way...

Both players only lost one set in the tournament so far. Anyway, Anderson with the darts in first set - game on!

Hold for Anderson with d4, wasn't threatened by Wade who got some low scores there.

First maximum from the defending champ, but it's Wade with the hold.

Another easy hold for Anderson, and starts next leg well too. Looking the better of the two at this early stage.

Lovely 96 out from Wade to take us to a deciding leg in the set. Doesn't start decider well though, Anderson with advantage...

SET ANDERSON! Outside chance for Wade, but can't start combo for 145. Anderson tidies up 25. Players break.

Early stats...

Second set, Wade with throw, but it's Anderson with the early break. And starts next leg with a full house...