World Darts Championship: Day 2



Here is the order of play for this evening: Jerry Hendriks 2-0 Warren Parry (P) Gerwyn Price (19) 1-3 Jonny Clayton Steve Beaton (27) 3-1 Devon Petersen Peter Wright (3) 3-0 Jerry Hendriks


Price has been a quarter finalist at the World Matchplay, Clayton is on debut at the Worlds but did beat Terry Jenkins at the Grand Slam last year so this could well be close.

Clayton to throw first, GAME ON!

Clayton has missed nine darts at a double in this leg, eventually finishes on D1 but a very nervy start from both, 0-1.

Clayton looks to have settled better with his first 180 of the night, Price responds with a 139 though

Price inches away from a 130 finish, luckily for him he gets another shot at the D5 and he levels the set. 1-1

No trouble on the double this time for Clayton as he takes out 55 to hold throw. 1-2

Scrappy leg but Price holds on D10 to take us to a deciding leg. 2-2

FIRST SET! Clayton misses three darts at D19 for the set and Price comes in and steals the first set. Price 1-0 Clayton

14 missed darts at a double for Clayton in that opening set, cost him dearly

Price misses darts at D20, D10 and D5. Clayton comes back to take D16 and breaks in the first leg of the second set, perfect response. 0-1