World Darts Championship: Day 2



Here is the order of play for this evening: Jerry Hendriks 2-0 Warren Parry (P) Gerwyn Price (19) 1-3 Jonny Clayton Steve Beaton (27) 3-1 Devon Petersen Peter Wright (3) 3-0 Jerry Hendriks


Fourth set. Price opens up with a 180, game on again.

Price now misses six darts at doubles, coming back for D5 with Clayton lurking...

And Clayton does steal the leg as Price misses three more darts at a double so Clayton breaks the throw, maybe crucially. 0-1

Price with his third 180 of the game but Clayton still in charge of this leg.

Clayton takes out 108, his third 100+ finish, Price throwing to stay in the tournament. 0-2

Price holds his throw taking out D20, Clayton now throwing for the match.. 1-2.

Price opens up the fourth leg with a maximum, a way back into the game?

GAME, SET AND MATCH! Clayton takes out D7 to cause a shock he wins 3-1!

The number 19 seed crashes out at the first hurdle and in truth despite winning the first set, he never looked like winning the game, Clayton the deserved winner in his first ever Alexandra Palace appearance.

Up next, Steve Beaton v Dancing Devon Petersen, two very entertaining players.