The ByTheMinute 2017 Writing Challenge



At ByTheMinute we love live story writing. In fact, it's the only thing that gets us out of bed. So we had an idea to get more people doing live story writing. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you The ByTheMinute 2017 Writing Challenge! Catchy name, huh?

The ByTheMinute 2017 Writing Challenge is so simple... - There's 50 different challenges for you to take on. - There's one whole year to complete them in. - There's a printable version at the end of this for you to print off and stick on your fridge. Ready to find out what they are? Course you are.

Mark Dannell

That is Roddy in dog form that. Spooky

#1 - A live album review, track-by-track Everyone loves listening to new music. Everyone loves reading album reviews of new music. Combine the two and listen to a new album and write a live review.

#2 - Live blog a film on terrestrial tv Social media lights up when a classic film gets shown on the telly. Write a live blog when this happens. Sundays and Channel 4 is normally a good time for this.

#3 - Live blog featuring an animal You can be creative with this one. It could be horse racing on ITV, Crufts on Channel 4 or some David Attenborough thing on the BBC. Why not even try making an internet star of your own pet. Give this one a go.

#4 - Breaking news story in your country Breaking news stories happen practically every hour. At least they do in Kay Burley's world. Hop on here and write a live story about it...but only if it happens in the country you live in.

#5 - Breaking news story in another country Having completed challenge no.4, try writing one from any other country in the world. Argentina. Bulgaria. Cape Verde. Wherever!

#6 - Your local sports team live story Head on down to your local sports team and cover a match of theirs in glorious minute-by-minute form. Take photos to share with them down in the members bar afterwards too.

#7 - Cover a cup final This could be in any sport in any competition. Just make sure you are live blogging during a cup final in 2017.

#8 - A TV quiz show Quiz shows are a staple of the televisual diet. Pick one and write a live story as Frank from Huddersfield fails to answer a question on the Wizard of Oz.