Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee: Combatting doping in sport



Today the boss of Team Sky, Sir Dave Brailsford and former technical director of British Cycling will be questioned about doping in cycling.

Early exchanges are already going on. In a surprise move UKAD (UK Anti Doping) this morning stated it had no objection to questions about mystery packages (i.e. the one delivered to team Sky during the Tour de France).

There has so far been a suggestion it could have been pedals!

Ian Payne is tweeting from the meeting. Dr George Gilbert's responses are pretty much "Its nothing to do with me"

Robert Howden and George Gilbert both saying they had no authority to ask what was in the package and UKAD said they couldn't. The MPs are getting a bit narked by the pathetic responses. Hiding behind "medical confidentiality" etc

MP says "this is a disaster for British Cycling " Dr Gilbert "we try to focus on the positives" Pretty damn weak.

If you are near a tv the BBC Parliament channel has now crossed live to the meeting.

MP Nigel Huddleston is currently asking about corporate sponsorship and whether the lack of transparency in cycling might threaten the funds. Again batted away by British Cycling.

MP John Nicholson is determined to keep up the pressure on the package. He's ridiculing the 'pedals' idea (quite rightly). Also, that the story that it was carried to France and nobody asked what was in it. Response "we were told not to ask by UKAD" Jeez this is frustrating.

British Cycling say 'If it was pharmaceutical products we can find out very quickly now that UKAD have allowed us to investigate.'