MMA Bucket List Part 2 - UFC 193 - Rousey vs Holm



Hey everyone. Part 2 of the MMA Bucket List. A bunch of fights you're gonna want to go back and see. I don't know how regular this is gonna be, considering I did the first one three months ago, but we'll do it either when relevant, or when there's not much going on and there's a fun fight to check out. Today, with a week to go till her return, we review Ronda Rousey's world coming crashing down.

I'm Jody Jamieson and here we look back at UFC 193 when she took on Holly Holm in Melbourne. This was yet another fighter that Ronda Rousey was supposed to roll over. Holly Holm opened as a 22/1 underdog for this fight, but there were some people (including me) that could see her path to victory. I'm not going to pretend I picked her, but this felt like one that would pose problems.

I accidentally called the finish to this fight and how Holly could get there the week of the fight, but such was Rousey's star and air of invincibility, I still picked Ronda to win. Some people weren't so confident, and the betting public brought the line down from 22/1 to 8/1 by fight night. Some of this was a backlash to Ronda's antics at the weigh ins. People turned on her a bit after this.

I must admit I was a bit put off by Ronda seemingly trying to cause trouble after a very respectful build up. Ronda talked about Holly being dangerous but how she was the best in the world. Holly talked about how Ronda was the best in the world but she felt she had a chance if she stuck to her gameplan.

To simplify this fight in one post would be to say this. Holm and her team knew what Rousey's gameplan was going to be and nullified it. Holm's gameplan when you break it down was quite basic, but it was made that much easier that Ronda and her corner made zero adjustments during the fight. Literally none. And that was costly.

So the fight started with Ronda a little more tentative that usual, but still coming out looking for the left hook. She loves to come out of her corner with the left hook to try and stun the opponent, get in close, and lock in an over/under clinch with the left arm over the shoulder and the right arm under the armpit. She uses this to attempt her judo throws.

Early on Holly was circling away, but at enough of an angle to make Rousey chase her. Rousey chased, and this was the first proper strike Holm threw in the fight. Not bad.

But she doesn't just settle for a straight left. She lands a right uppercut, and then throws a left that just misses, but partly misses as she knows she doesn't want to engage, and circles away. Good start for the challenger.

Rousey immediately gets impatient and after chasing her down, throws an overhand right from distance that is nowhere close, but uses it to try and set up the left hook to set up the clinch. Holly uses an oblique kick, which is almost impossible to grab for a takedown, but also completely disrupts the momentum of an opponent coming forward. She'd use this a few times to unsettle Ronda.

Ronda is not put off, comes chasing again, and eats a straight left. Holly would throw this straight left all night with success. This was far from the best one she threw, but it landed.