MMA Bucket List Part 2 - UFC 193 - Rousey vs Holm



But for a moment, Ronda is again able to get the clinch off a Holly strike, get's her over/under. The first time against the cage Holly didn't square her hips. The second time Ronda almost got the throw, but Holly kept her hips low. This time She keeps her hips clear. They exchange some knees and Holly again uses a forearm to manipulate position on the chin and escape.

The rest of the round peters out. Ronda does land a late hook way after the buzzer. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, even though many didn't. The story of the first round was Holly was able to keep distance by circling, landing oblique kicks, and stepping back and countering.

Holly's gameplan in some ways became very predictable, but that's only because Ronda never made an adjustment during the round. She kept coming forward trying to set up the clinch off a left hook. To be fair she got the clinch a couple of times, but when it wasn't working, she was getting tagged.

Ronda heads back to the corner after Round 1. A clear 10-9 from Holm. It wasn't actually as dominant as I remember (this is the first time I've watched the fight back since it happened) but she executed her gameplan extremely well, and Ronda's face as she heads back to the corner tells that story.

This is the point where Edmond Tarverdyan in Ronda's corner did her no favours. It was clear that Ronda wasn't making the adjustments in the cage. Edmond didn't bother to tell her what to do either.

"Beautiful! Stay nice and patient and relax." Stay patient? Get patient perhaps. "All she wants to do is catch you with that left hand and come on top with the hook, right?" He was right about this, but gave no technical advice on how to counter it, other than "keep both hands up." Genius Edmond. He then asks for more left hooks, which haven't been working. Disastrous minute.

Onto Round 2. More of the same straight away.

There's the left hook that Edmond called for lagging way behind the straight left of Holly. Holly starts to understandably grow in confidence and even lands a side kick to the body.

And then, the sequence no-one will forget. Again, look how square Rousey's hips are. You know she's setting up the left hook. Everyone in the building knows she's setting up the left hook.

Holly ducks.