MMA Bucket List Part 2 - UFC 193 - Rousey vs Holm



And anyone who believed Rousey was unbeatable starts to come to terms with what's actually happening.

It doesn't get any better the further we go.

Ronda has the same face I did about this point. Holly not even in the picture here.

Rousey again comes forward, and again walks onto a straight left.

And again. This one is the beginning of the end. It doesn't look like it lands flush, and Ronda tries to grab the clinch off it.

But as her arms do what she wants, her legs start to give up.

Ronda clearly hurt, starts to scramble back to her feet. Holly stays patient. Waits for her opportunity. What's interesting here is that when Ronda gets back to her feet, Holly almost grabs that back. Not for a clinch or a takedown, but just subtly to put her into position.

For this.

The head kick heard around the work. Ronda hit the ground. Holly got a few shots in to finish off the job. Ronda was already out. Herb Dean pulled her off, and the seemingly undefeatable was no longer undefeated.

It was one of those "where were you?" moments in MMA. There's been loads of them. Serra beating GSP. Diaz beating McGregor the night Holm lost the title in her first defence against Miesha Tate. But this still feels like the biggest one to me.