World Darts Championship: Second Round Action



Results: Kim Huybrechts 4-0 Max Hopp James Wade 4-1 Steve Beaton Jelle Klaasen 4-0 Brendan Dolan


Good afternoon everyone, another day another jam packed darting extravaganza. Alistair Sargent with you once again as the PDC World Championship enters its 11th day. 2nd round action on the bill this afternoon. Kim Huybrechts plays Max Hopp, James Wade faces Steve Beaton and Jelle Klaasen is up against Brendan Dolan

I did predictions last night and wasn't a million miles away, which has encouraged me to put my neck on the line again today and no doubt end up looking stupid. Anyway, here goes... Huybrechts 4-1 Hopp Wade 4-0 Beaton Klaasen 4-2 Dolan

First up this afternoon 13th seed Kim Huybrechts is up against young German Max Hopp who knocked out the number 20 seed Vincent van der Voort in round one. By darts standards these are two youngsters. Let's hope we get some excitement to rival last night's van Gerwen vs Reyes drama

Best of 7 sets in these fixtures, each set is best of 5 legs. I will keep the legs score per set up to date as we go with the set score in the pinned tweet at the top and updated as and when sets are won

Max Hopp has just walked on stage to a dance remixed Kolo/Yaya Toure song. Hope you don't win a leg for that utter monstrosity. C'mon Hurricane Huybrechts sort this out!!

I'm sure you know my feelings about that bloody Toure song if you've been following any of my updates from this tournament so far. I'll try not to rant about too much today

Game on! Hopp to throw in Set One. Intae him Huybrechts

Set 1: Huybrechts 1-0 Hopp Break! 20 year old Hopp had a dart at tops to hold his throw with an 82 checkout but he misses and Huybrechts is back squeezing his final dart into D16 to break in the opening leg. Great start for the Belgian

Set 1: Huybrechts 2-0 Hopp An excellent 131 sets up D18 for Huybrechts. His dart is inside the target but he adjusts and lands D9 confidently for the hold of throw.