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Peter Wright



Good evening everyone - ready for darts? @Ugster1 with you live from Alexandra Palace for both semi finals. It's Gary Anderson v Peter Wright, followed by Michael van Gerwen v Raymond van Barneveld. All playing for a spot in tomorrow's final.

First match is Anderson v Wright, which should be kicking off at 7:15 or so. Both matches best of 11 sets.

Here early to get myself set up in the press centre, and my first experience of Ally Pally. Have just had a quick look from the Media Viewing area, and hadn't realised what an intimate venue it is - easy to see how those fantastic atmospheres can build.

Media viewing area is to the left of the stage, where the players walk off before a break. The posh tables also to that side. Plenty of screens in the press centre with stats and pictures, but it would be silly of me not to experience the atmosphere first hand, so I'll be wandering into the main arena now and again!

Before I inevitably forget to do it later, here are some stats to prepare you for Anderson v Wright, Anderson first: Tournament average: 104.38 v 103.58 100+: 111 v 119 140+: 77 v 79 180s: 34 v 16 Doubling: 53/118 (45%) v 54/101 (53%). So on paper at least, really not much in it - no great surprise, they are seeded 2 and 3.

The bookies don't have it so close - Anderson nearly a 1/2 on favourite, Wright virtually the same against. In the other semi, van Gerwen a huge favourite - 2/13 on...

Right, here we go then, a few minutes until the first semi. Anderson the obvious choice, but if Wright gets off to a good start (and he has the darts in the first set), it could be a tricky evening for the defending champion.

Roddy Graham

Atmosphere sounds off the hook on the telly...hope your having a blast Matt!

Matt (@Ugster1)

Incredible atmosphere, hope the darts matches up - thanks to all involved in getting the accreditation!

And we're off! Had to go and watch the walkons, stunning atmosphere in the venue. Wright starts the first leg with a 180, but can't finish and Anderson breaks straight away. Starts the second leg with a maximum too.

Easy hold for Anderson in the second leg. He also gets the advantage against the throw in the third leg, and after Wright can't finish off 65 Anderson cleans up 25 to win the first set. Just the start Wright didn't want...

Roddy Graham

Game over already...

Averages so far - Anderson 100.2, Wright 93.53.