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Hello again! @Ugster1 with you for the second World Darts Championship semi final - for the first one, have a look at http://www.bytheminute.co/events/4035-darts-gary-anderson-peter-wright-it-s-the-first-semi-final-at-the-world-darts-who-ll-make-the-final-follow-the-action-live-here-live-01-jan-2017.

So Gary Anderson awaits the winner of this Dutch duel between MVG and RVB. Their stats so far, van Gerwen first: Tournament average: 104.11 v 97.31 100+: 103 v 106 140+: 60 v 72 180s: 31 v 19 Doubling: 54/136 (40%) v 54/138 (39%). The difference in that average obviously jumps out a bit.

Right, I'm going to have a quick dash out of the press room to see what Ally Pally can offer me for dinner! Action not too far away!


Have you noticed how the caller and scorers turn and stare at the dartboard when the scantily clad ladies are 'dancing' to make it clear they're not perving. I wish the PDC would grow up and move on from Britain 1975.

Matt (@Ugster1)

The dancers are in the press room between matches, so I know how they feel! Agree that the presentation could be changed.

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And we're off! First set, Barney with the throw and it's a great start from him - checkouts of 131 and 107 to move two legs up, then 96 to win the set - what a start!

Apologies for the brief report there, not much turnaround between matches and bit of a queue for chicken waffle burgers(!)...Anyway, great start for Barney, although it was with throw anyway. Players off for a break.

MVG off the mark with a 124 checkout, after Barney had hit his second maximum.

Barney on fire - two 180s in the leg, checks out 41 - level in the set.

Six 180s in the match already, and five of them to Barney. And now he finishes 160 to break van Gerwen - he's throwing for a two set lead!

MVG breaks straight back with a 114 out. They're both averaging over 112 at the moment...

SET VAN GERWEN! Starts with a maximum, gets a long way ahead and we're all square. Superb standard so far.